Install collectd on centos

A couple of days ago i had to install and configure collectd on a old centos machine. We used collectd in combination with Riemann, so i »

Self signed certificates

A Quick self reminder on how to create self-signed certificates for testing purposes. 1. Generate a Private Key openssl genrsa -des3 -out server.key 1024 2. »

CoreOS Iptables

This set of iptables makes a box unreachable from the public internet. Put these boxes behind a public loadbalancer and you have a good starting point »

Install Comodo SSL certificate

Another self reminder on how to install a comodo ssl certificate on a server. Comodo uses a passphrase to secure the private key. The fist step »

Install curl-loader on ubuntu 14.04

I wanted to install curl-loader on a Ubuntu 14.04 host to do some load tests. I decided to write the steps down so i can »

First post

Hello, My name is Robert and i'm a developer from the Netherlands. I decided to keep a blog and share interesting code stuff and other rubbish »